Vegemite & Cheese popcorn is coming to a cinema near you

Australia’s most divisive spread is taking over! Last month Boost Juice threw a Vegemite smoothie on their new ‘Aussie-themed’ menu) and now Village Entertainment (Village Cinemas and Event Cinemas) have announced a limited edition Vegemite Popcorn.

Part of their Chef’s Gourmet Premium Popcorn series, the ubiquitous cinema brand will be offering movie-goers the classic snack, which is flavoured with a combination of Vegemite and cheese. All Candy Bars across Village and Event cinemas will be serving this up, under the Chef’s Gourmet and Parlour Lane brands respectively.

“We are mitey [get it?] excited to be partnering with our good friends at Village Cinemas and Event Cinemas, to deliver an Aussie take on a cinema classic”, said Vegemite’s Marketing Manager Matt Gray. “Vegemite loves popping [get it?] up in new and exciting places, and we can’t wait to spread [get it?] the love with a popcorn [get it?] that truly tastes like Australia”.

The Chef’s Gourmet Premium Popcorn collection also includes a range of sweet flavours including Rocky Road, Raspberry & White Chocolate, and Salted Caramel. The Chef’s Gourmet Premium Popcorn in Vegemite & Cheese is available from Monday 2 July for a limited time only. Available from the Candy Bar at Village Cinemas in VIC & TAS, and Event Cinemas in NSW, QLD, SA & WA.