Our 23 favourite Sydney restaurants, bars and cafes of 2016

Why 23? Are you turning into Buzzfeed with your arbitrary numbers based on how much you can be bothered googling and presenting to your readers as some kind of faux-authoritative listicle they’ll share with their friends and be like “omgod dis so me fo’ real, fam. Sc-uhhh-reaming!”? Well, not quite. There has been too many great openings in Sydney as of late, so we had to stretch the below list from the originally planned 20 to 23 because it was just too damn hard to leave even one of these out. ... Read More | Share it now!

Pub Life Kitchen’s Jovan Curic opens Superior Burger in Western Sydney

For a few months now rumours have been flaring that one of the undisputed champions of Sydney’s brimming burger scene, Jovan Curic, will be opening up a new joint in Western Sydney; turns out they were true. The mastermind behind almost every burger aficionado’s reference point, Pub Life Kitchen, has went and gifted the Western Sydney suburb of Wakeley (it’s near Farfield) a little shop going by the name of Superior Burger. The name is a bold statement when paired with the neon purple and yellow sign claiming “Best Burgers in the West” – it’d seem hyperbolic if it weren’t for Curic’s reassuring presence. ... Read More | Share it now!