Our 23 favourite Sydney restaurants, bars and cafes of 2016

Why 23? Are you turning into Buzzfeed with your arbitrary numbers based on how much you can be bothered googling and presenting to your readers as some kind of faux-authoritative listicle they’ll share with their friends and be like “omgod dis so me fo’ real, fam. Sc-uhhh-reaming!”? Well, not quite. There has been too many great openings in Sydney as of late, so we had to stretch the below list from the originally planned 20 to 23 because it was just too damn hard to leave even one of these out. ... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Juicy Lucy Diner – Surry Hills (Sydney)

When the team from Sugarcane opened their fiery red and orange homage to vintage tuck shops, Juicy Lucy, success seemed slow but steady. Word of mouth helped get the thing off the ground, seeing as it was on one of the more neglected strips of Surry Hills, but once it took off Juicy Lucy became one of the casual eats of the year; Asian-styled rotisserie chicken, massive burgers and wraps are regularly devoured by discerning devotees, pushing up demand high enough to justify an expansion. This wasn’t the kind of expansion that leaped over a few suburbs though – unlike Sugarcane’s permanent move to Coogee Beach; the new Juicy Lucy is literally located right around the corner from the original, propped up in the former site of Sugarcane on Reservoir Street.... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Sugarcane – Coogee (Sydney)

After years of standing tall as a Surry Hills favourite, Sugarcane has uprooted and opened as a beachside retreat in Coogee. Chef Milan Strbac realised the sea change earlier this year, bringing the sunny suburb his energetic, Asian menu but kicking things up a bit, complementing Milan’s Thai-heavy style with other South East Asian cuisines, including a strong focus on more seafood – an obvious nod to Sugarcane’s new home. As for the former site in Surry Hills: it’s no longer Sugarcane as we all know and love, instead it has been used as an inventive blend of casual rotisserie-focused Juicy Lucy – which Strbac co-owns with Griff Pamment – with some elements of what made Sugarcane such a hit, operating as the second official venue for JL; it’s just as exciting and represents the third big step Milan and his team have taken this year. ... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Juicy Lucy – Surry Hills (Sydney)

There has been an explosion of chicken in Sydney as of late; see newbies Butter and Thirsty Bird, established favourites like Chicken and Sons and The Chicken Institute, and now Juicy Lucy, the second venue from the crew behind highly reputable, Thai-inspired restaurant Sugarcane. Things are a bit different here though; rather than ride the American-inspired fried chicken wave, Juicy Lucy is cruising in a slightly different lane, championing the rotisserie-style Aussie chicken shops of yesteryear with a bit of a South-East Asian twist. ... Read More | Share it now!

Juicy Lucy is Surry Hills’ new South East Asian inspired fried chicken shop (Sydney)

Surry Hills has a new chicken-focused shop from the team behind South East Asian eatery Sugarcane. Named Juicy Lucy, the new chicken shop on Elizabeth Street is set to make a big impact on discerning fried chicken fanatics by taking the classic Aussie chicken shop and blending that with Sugarcane’s Asian influence. The owners, Milan Strbac and Griff Pamment, are confident these recipes will take off with slow-roasted birds spiced overnight in a brine of Sichuan pepper, cloves, cassia bark, and coriander seeds, then stuffed with garlic rice, or rotisserie chicken prepped with garlic, coriander, white pepper, and fresh turmeric. There’s even a specially made Asian-style tapioca batter which gives the fried drumettes and chicken tenders a unique flavour. ... Read More | Share it now!