Shaun Presland returns to make some changes at Sake Restaurant & Bar

When Saké Restaurant & Bar first began in The Rocks back in 2008, celebrated chef Shaun Presland was a major factor in its success. Now Saké is one of the biggest Japanese restaurant names in the country, with venues up and down the east coast and a tremendous following and things are about to take a new evolution now that Presland has returned to the helm, after leaving a few years ago to travel and work around New York, London and Tokyo. This obviously means some major changes for the group, and the menu, with Shaun serving as resident chef at The Rocks’ restaurant as well as executive chef for Saké brand.... Read More | Share it now!

A specialist Japanese sake shop has just opened in Stanmore (Sydney)

In response to the increased demand and awareness of Sake amongst Sydney’s most discerning diners, the team behind Chef’s Armoury have decided to open the city’s first specialist store dedicated to the art and versatility of Japanese sake. Going by the simple name of Sakeshop, the store has flung open its doors on Percival Street in Stanmore, complementing the Melbourne location which has been operating in Richmond for the past four years. ... Read More | Share it now!

Sake Double Bay’s popular Dragon Egg dessert will be available at all Sake restaurants for Easter

Saké Double Bay has become famous for one particular dessert that seems to pop up in Instagram almost everyday now. Their large Dragon Egg dessert has caught the attention of many a discerning diner in the area and has become a tradition for some. It’s not hard to see (or taste) why. That Valrhona dark chocolate shell is filled with toasted chocolate crumble, edible soil, and passionfruit yoghurt crispy chips with chocolate mousse, passionfruit curd, and mango caramel; “indulgent” doesn’t even begin to this magnificent creation justice, and it’ been in high demand ever since Sake Double Bay introduced it to their menu, so much so that now Urban Purveyor Group have decided to take the dessert on a little road trip for this coming Easter Weekend, which means the Dragon Egg will be available at salle Sake restaurants across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane... Read More | Share it now!