Donut Papi open permanent shop in Redfern (Sydney)

From Belly Bao to Bakedown Cakery, it’s a beautiful thing when a nomadic food business becomes so ridiculously popular they can open up their first brick-and-mortar shop. The latest is the market-famous Donut Papi, who have been slinging some of the city’s best donuts for the past two years at various spots around town; they’ve reached the point where they have now opened up their very first shop in Redfern and so far, to no one’s surprise, the donuts are selling like hotcakes. ... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Everyday Espresso brings unconventional brunch to Redfern (Sydney)

Some weekends you’re awake by 7.30 am, have had a run and a kale smoothie by 9 and you’re now ready for a productive day of adventuring. Other weekends, it’s a struggle to remember what happened the night before through the haze of  the world’s best (or worst) hangover and you’re praying Deliveroo does McDonald’s delivery to your suburb. Everyday Espresso, Redfern’s newest cafe haunt embodies this duality of the average Sydneysider’s day to night lifestyle. While some cafes have taken the down and dirty road and others, the pathway to enlightenment with appropriately ‘light’ and healthy food, Tomislav Martinovic and Justin Stevenson pose the question, ‘Why can’t we have both?’... Read More | Share it now!

New restaurant and bar Misfits opens in Redfern (Sydney)

Redfern has a new bar and dining local with Misfits, a newly opened retro-inspired venue that’s located on the first floor of the building that edges both Redfern and George Streets. Preceded by a bright neon sign, the new offering from W Short Hotel Group – the same behind institutions like The Glenmore and The Australia Heritage Hotel – fashions itself as a relaxed dining space, laid-back cocktail lounge and rooftop terrace all in one. ... Read More | Share it now!

Three Williams Cafe is now doing Golden Gaytime French Toasts and Truffle Toasties

As if their narnies and apple crumble bowls weren’t enough, Redfern institution Three Williams is currently featuring what is perhaps their greatest menu to date. The playful cafe has always been one of the most popular brunch spots in Sydney but they’ve truly taken the cake this year, and it’s only going to get better now that winter has brought reason for a bunch of dedicated truffle-loaded dishes like the indulgent looking truffle toastie and ‘gram-breaking truffle cookies & cream dessert. It’s almost enough to outshine the menu’s most eye-catching item: a Golden Gaytime French toast.... Read More | Share it now!

Sydney’s top chefs are cooking up a multicultural lamb dining experience at The Currency Kitchen (Sydney)

Three Williams Cafe have been pretty open to collaborative projects in the past, such as their art gallery collaboration with Brad Robson a couple of years ago so it’s great to see the space handed over for another worthy cause, hosting a five night pop-up dining experience dubbed The Currency Kitchen. Meat and Livestock Australia have partnered with the venue and five stellar chefs of reputable note to further reinforce their We Love Our Lamb campaign and promote diversity with a global cuisine and currency theme. ... Read More | Share it now!

Mjolner is Redfern’s new viking-themed carvery and whisky bar (Sydney)

Mjølner (pronounced Mjol-near), Asgard and Valhalla: three terms one would associate with storied Viking culture and the legend of Thor, and possibly some of the last things you’d associate with Sydney’s dining scene. That’s changed now that The Speakeasy Group, the same team behind Eau de Vie (both Sydney and Melbourne), Boilermakerhouse and The Roosevelt, have finally opened their long-awaited whisky and carvery restaurant in Redfern.... Read More | Share it now!

Team behind Eau De Vie and The Roosevelt plan viking themed whisky bar and carvary (Sydney)

The Speakeasy Group aren’t ones to mess around when it comes to bars; they own and operate Eau De Vie in both Sydney and Melbourne, as well as Boilermaker House in Melbourne, and The Roosevelt in Sydney. All four of these venues are treasured gems in Australia’s bar scene, consistently awarded and always packed. It’s then a treat that the hospitality group plan to add a third Sydney venture to their portfolio, patiently preparing Mjolnir, a whisky-focused bar which seems like it will be shaped towards a viking theme, given that it’s named for Thor’s hammer. To further spike interest, Mjolnir will also operate as a carvary, with meats overseen by chef Adam Lord.... Read More | Share it now!

Birds of Redfern: Sydney is getting its first ever fried chicken festival

If it ain’t burgers then it’s fried chicken. Sydney’s obsession with crispy, soul nourishing birds is about to be taken to the next level with Redfern based Cake Wines teaming up with Andrew Levins to curate a festival of some of the best damn fried chicken in the city. Taking place at Cake Wine’s Cellar Door, which a stone’s throw from Redfern station, the Birds of Redfern festival has brought together a carefully curated menu that reads as self-respecting fried chicken lovers dream come true.... Read More | Share it now!

Redfern now has a dedicated craft beer small bar with The Noble Hops (Sydney)

One of the most exciting developments in Sydney’s ever growing craft beer scene has been the recent opening of The Noble Hops, a Redfern small bar with an unwavering focus on inventive and rare brews. While the city’s craft beer scene has seen some fantastic pubs dedicated to local brews, Noble Hops sets itself apart as a small bar with a very discerning staff who have sought out some exclusives that have seen a following of local enthusiasts build quite rapidly.... Read More | Share it now!

Sydney’s Burger & Beats party announces food, beer, and music lineup

Ever been to Work Shop on Cleveland Street? It’s just about one of the coolest, decked-out warehouse spaces in the area, regularly offering up masterclasses on a wide variety of activities, hobbies, and necessary life skills. From this Friday (April 1st), the space will also be home to Sydney’s newest pop-up party, aptly named Burgers & Beats, roping in some of the finest flippers in town to offer up burgers, shakes, and sides for four-hours of non-stop eating, drinking, and dancing courtesy of DJ sets by – for this launch event – Wax Witches and Craig Atkins.... Read More | Share it now!