Belles Hot Chicken kicks off new guest chef series “Rulers of the Roost”

Belles Hot Chicken have this week launched their very first guest chef series, dubbed “Rulers of the Roost”, which will be highlighting a superstar chef line up to join founder and chef Morgan McGlone across the Sydney and Melbourne venues of the famed chicken joint. Each guest chef will be creating a one-off, event-only menu which includes a hot chicken dish created in collaboration with McGlone as well as a side and cocktail that will only be available for the one day.... Read More | Share it now!

Melbourne Good Food Month: hot chicken parties, banquet feasts, and more through November

Once again The Age Good Food Month brings the month-long food and drink festival down from Sydney to the world’s most livable city and its surrounds, tasking some of Victoria’s finest with more than 100 events designed to show off the best, most creative sides of the state’s lauded food and beverage scene. From today until the end of November, Melbourne and regional victory will turn into a playground for hot chickens parties, banquest feasts, and a tightly curated program from superstar chefs like Ben Shewry and Stephanie Alexander along with international guests like London’s Fergus Henderson, who will be designing a one day only (November 27th) spring picnic with local culinary heroes.... Read More | Share it now!

Hong Kong’s famous Yardbird is popping up in Surry Hills this weekend (Sydney)

Hong Kong’s Yardbird will be taking flight and landing in Surry Hills this weekend to co-run the kitchen at Harpoon Harry with the one and only Morgan McGlone. It’s the latest in McGlone’s “Friends of Harry’s” series which he launched shortly after he took up residency in the inner-city hotspot, bringing in the likes of pitt master Rodney Scott and Adelaide favourite Africola. Now, Morgan has looked to Yardbird and tapped co-founder and Executive Chef Matt Abergel to bring the “it” restaurant’s signatures along for a long weekend party on Sunday 2nd October.... Read More | Share it now!

The Streets of Barangaroo: here’s what to expect from the waterfront precinct (Sydney)

With the successful Wulugul Pop Up at Barangaroo winding down in August everything seems to be moving into place for The Streets of Barangaroo to truly spring to life. Over the next few months Sydney is going to start to see the permanent bars, restaurants, and retailers who will making up the character of this monstrously large development, and whether or not it becomes the destination it was designed to be will depend on those businesses lining the sparkling waterfront of the Wulugul Walk, already a sight that has become synonymous with the ‘new’ face of Sydney. ... Read More | Share it now!

Harpoon Harry to welcome Adelaide’s Africola for collaborative event (Sydney)

The Harpoon Harry kitchen is sure going to be crowded on Sunday 7th August as resident chef Morgan McGlone presents the latest in his “Friends of Harry’s” series, which has already seen the likes of legendary pitmaster Rodney Scott attract wild queues. For the third in the collaborative series, Morgan will be dishing up with Duncan Welgemoed (of Adelaide’s excellent Africola) and Monty Koludrovic (of Icebergs Dining Room and Bar) to turn up the heat for an event they are calling “Africola Rock’n Rola”.... Read More | Share it now!

Legendary pitmaster Rodney Scott is returning to Harpoon Harry for encore BBQ (Sydney)

Popular demand has lured world renowned BBQ pitmaster Rodney Scott back to Sydney’s Harpoon Harry for a one-day-only BBQ residency before he heads back to South Carolina. Scott, a master of the low-and-slow BBQ who a earlier this year teamed with resident HH Chef Morgan McGlone for a hugely popular two-day feast, jumped at the opportunity to head on back to the Surry Hills venue, seeing as the original event attracted queues that snaked around the block. ... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Harpoon Harry (Morgan McGlone’s Bar Publico Menu) – Surry Hills (Sydney)

Best known as the man behind legendary Belle’s Hot Chicken brand, Morgan McGlone stands as one of the most sought after chefs for casual dining in Australia, especially if we’re talking about the cooking styles of the Southern States. McGlone was most celebrated overseas for his work at the world-renowned Husk in Nashville before starting up Belle’s over here, slowly but surely turning it into a national culinary treasure; so it’s with great anticipation that he brings his unquestionable skills to Surry Hills’ Harpoon Harry.... Read More | Share it now!

Morgan McGlone’s Dining Room launches at Harpoon Harry (Sydney)

You may have already heard that the mastermind behind Belles Hot Chicken, Morgan McGlone, is digging deeper into the culinary repertoire he sharpened over in Nashville and Charleston for his newfound residency in the kitchen’s of Surry Hills venue Hotel Harry. The boutique hotel’s restaurant, Harpoon Harry, has already seen a substantial change for their street-level diner thanks to McGlone, and now the acclaimed Chef has officially launched his menu for second floor restaurant The Dining Room, with the kitchen open until 11pm(ish) each night.... Read More | Share it now!

Belles Hot Chicken wiz Morgan McGlone announces first menu for Harpoon Harry takeover (Sydney)

Next Wednesday 6th April will see a big change to the food offerings at Harpoon Harry as Morgan McGlone (of Belles Hot Chicken) takes the reigns as food curator for 2016 at the venue’s Public Bar, then eventually moving up to refine the upstairs Dining Room menu as well. The partnership was announced earlier this year, instantly generating discussion as to what the man most famous for his Southern influenced fried chicken will be bringing to Surry Hills. A few more details have now been announced, giving us a close look at just what McGlone has planned for the recently refitted and revived historic hotel.... Read More | Share it now!