The team behind Mary’s and The Unicorn announce big plans for The Lansdowne Hotel (Sydney)

We have news and it’s yuuuuge!!! Chippendale’s iconic live music venue The Lansdowne Hotel is re-opening and there just aren’t enough exclamation points in the universe to contain or express our excitement. After the closure of many a wild and wonderful place such as The Newtown Social Club, The Annandale Hotel and Goodgod Small Club it’s an absolute pleasure to announce what could signal a positive resurgence in Sydney’s nightlife.... Read More | Share it now!

Strip clubs, live music venues, and some CBD bars are now exempt from the lockout laws (Sydney)

Much has been said about Mike Baird’s contentious Sydney lockout laws and it’s widespread effect on the hospitality industry and vibrant nightlife that the city’s tourism (and morale) kind of needs. Last week a Supreme
Court ruling may have put a crack in those laws, as there are now some venues across Sydney which will be exempt, specifically live music venues (SCORE!), strip clubs, and some CBD bars.... Read More | Share it now!

Best things to do in Sydney this weekend (19th-21st Feb)

It’s the freakin’ weekend, the second last of summer for this year as a matter of fact, and Sydney’s vibrant weekend culture isn’t fading one bit with the start of the big Mardi Gras festival as well as the big rally planned for Keep Sydney Open. There are plenty of delicious, fun, and interesting things to do around Sydney from Friday to Sunday this week so get across our top picks:... Read More | Share it now!