Review: Brick Lane brings the lighter side of Indian dining to Darlinghurst (Sydney)

“Experimental Indian” isn’t something you’d hear often around Sydney’s dining scene a few years ago. Now, it’s picking up, and a few inventive restaurants across the city are really highlighting a side of Indian cuisine that moves far away from excessively creamy butter chicken and puffy, indulgent cheese naan. Brick Lane is but the latest to join that inventive few, mirroring London’s popular restaurant of the same name, molded to fit Sydney sensibilities in an old terrace on the increasingly viable Stanley Street. Settling into its inner-city spot, Brick Lane seems to be focused on light and casual eats, flipping Indian influences to present something wholly original and exciting.... Read More | Share it now!

INDU is now doing Saturday lunches for a limited time (Sydney)

Dr. Sam Prince’s INDU has become quite the force on Sydney’s dining scene, edging to the top with charming contemporary Indian and Sri Lankan food inspired by the Doctor’s time spent in the coastal villages of those regions. The underground CBD restaurant has also just changed up their menu, adding a few more dishes to focus more on what works, as well as staying committed to seasonal produce and a unique range that is both distinguished and adventurous. But that’s not the only change INDU have brought so far; in an effort to keep up with demand the kitchen has announced that they will now open for Saturday lunches ahead of the holiday season.... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Indu (Spring Menu 2016) – CBD (Sydney)

As they approach the one-year anniversary, the kitchen at inspired subterranean restaurant Indu have re-worked parts of their menu, just slightly changing things around with a few additions here and there as we dive deeper into spring and prepare for summer. Sam Prince’s unique Indian dining experience has built quite the reputation since opening; its popularity calls for this kind of evolution, spicing things up quite nicely by focusing on what works and rethinking what doesn’t, treading further into the unexpected side of Indian dining. The side that doesn’t usually have a platform down here in city full of indulgent butter chicken and other cream-heavy curries. ... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Zaaffran – Darling Harbour (Sydney)

“Butter chicken is not authentic Indian food,” said restaurateur Freddie Zulfiqar at a sit-down media event for Zaaffran this past Tuesday night. It was a sentiment shared by the 110-strong crowd gathered to enjoy the established Indian restaurant’s cuisine in the buzzing Darling Harbour precinct. What Zaaffran (meaning saffron) does well is “capture the essence of traditional Indian cuisine and present it with contemporary flair”. Head Chef Vikrant Kapoor has ensured that the restaurant’s new-look menu incorporated food from all areas of India, giving the menu a more diverse offering.... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Delhi by the Way – Potts Point (Sydney)

It seems the recently reinvigorated Kellet Way in Potts Point is once again picking up as a destination for locals and visitors who are looking food good, quiet restaurants and small bars to help battle the lockout law-induced blues. The small street has already drawn a new life from bars The Powder Keg and Parsons, and now casual Indian restaurant Delhi by the Way is adding to the area’s new look. Located on the corner of Kellet Street and Kellet Way, this Delhi-inspired eatery is leading the charge for new restaurants in the area, and so far things seem to be going quite well for owner Susheel Kumar, locals seemingly magnetised by the relaxed, terrace-style atmosphere with an interior which has been fitted out with a stunning, open design that’s both homely and flashy, as if you’ve just stepped into an eccentric wealthy Maharaja’s Sydney getaway.... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Manjit’s at the Wharf – King Street Wharf (Sydney)

As most Sydneysiders know, it’s pretty hard to find a decent curry in this city, but that’s quickly changing across town, with a great example being the truly authentic fare at Manjit’s in Balmain. The reputable dining destination has built up a large local following with traditional but distinctive Indian food whipped up by a family-run business. It’s been so successful that the brand has recently expanded to their newest venture, Manjit’s at the Wharf, on King Street Wharf and it’s apparent that, just like their Balmain eatery, the focus here is on good service and authentic food.... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Indu – CBD (Sydney)

Indian food isn’t hard to come across in Sydney, but whether or not that Indian food is good, unique, and worthwhile is a different story. Amidst all the excessively creamy take-a-way butter chickens and greasy cheese naans (always a guilty pleasure), there are some truly fascinating dishes to be had in Indian restaurants from Woolloomooloo all the way to Harris Park, you just need to know where to look. Within the past few years good and distinctive Indian dining has been dominated by restaurants like Aki’s and Vrindavan, but now this new restaurant, Indu, from the owner of Mejico Dr. Sam Prince, has shot to the forefront of the list, having only been open for a few months but providing enough to instantly place it as a “must” for Sydney’s dining scene. ... Read More | Share it now!