Streets Ice Cream don’t know when to stop: release three new Golden Gaytime flavours

Streets Ice Cream are being pretty damn aggressive with their Golden Gaytime rollout ahead of Australia’s forthcoming summer season. Their first plan of attack was the release of the Golden Gaytime Sanga earlier this week. Now, just a few days later, the company has announced three new Gaytime flavours: Gaytime Unicorn, Gaytime Pina Colada, and Gaytime “Choc Mint McMint Face” (they know their memes).... Read More | Share it now!

This Sydney bar is now doing limited edition Golden Gaytime cocktails

We knew it was just a matter of time before we started seeing even more Golden Gaytime inspired food and drink pop up all over the place. A recent release of authentic Golden Gaytime crumbs in a Milo-style tin must have done it, giving people reason to experiment with one of the most iconic Australian ice creams (and let’s face, things in general) of all time. The latest experiment: a Golden Gaytime cocktail.... Read More | Share it now!

KFC introduce lamington krushers because ‘Straya

In time for Australia Day, KFC have just released what is perhaps their greatest creation since the Golden Gaytime Krusher made it’s way onto the fast food giant’s menu; the creation: Lamington krusher. The limited edition shake is being added to their range to go head-to-head with it’s Golden Gaytime counterpart, with KFC encouraging Australians to vote for their favourite and decide on which Aussie classic shall best the other.... Read More | Share it now!

Kayter Con introduce Golden Gaytime Burgers to Australia

Known for their intentionally over-the-top desserts, Sydney based food truck Kayter con have officially tapped into the “do seriously anything with Golden Gaytimes” trend that’s been popping up every so often across Australia. Their contribution: Golden Gaytime Burgers. With an ever-changing menu constantly churning out the likes of deep fried oreos and candy coated banana splits, Kayter con have decided that these freakish burgers deserve to be in the spotlight right now, and we’re quite sure no one is going to be disagreeing with them.... Read More | Share it now!

You can now get Golden Gaytime milkshakes and doughnuts in Australia

OTT dessert drinks are here to stay, get used to it. Those who embrace the trend have been one-upping each other for awhile now, and legendary queue magnet Burgers By Josh may have just won the game by introducing an alcoholic Golden Gaytime milkshake to the burger joint’s menu at The Annandale. Though a spiked honeycomb ice cream shake should be enough to satisfy those constantly seeking out anything to do with Streets’ sought after creation, the milkshake isn’t quite the end of the story; Doughnut Time have also announced that they are doing limited edition Golden Gaytime Doughnuts from this weekend.... Read More | Share it now!