Review: McDonalds’ 100 per cent Australian Wagyu beef burger isn’t all that special

McDonald’s have moved on up from Angus to something a bit more expensive, introducing a burger that they say is made with 100% Australian-bred Wagyu, upping their already stacked “Gourmet Creations” range with the Wagyu Beef Burger. Though it sits at almost double the price of a Big Mac, offered from the menu for a limited time with a tag of AUD $10.75, and that price hasn’t been going down too well with fast food lovers across the country.... Read More | Share it now!

Asia’s popular Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart open first Australian outlets this month

Popular Asian dessert chain Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart, which originated in Malaysia earlier this year, are said to turn over around 20,000 baked cheese tarts pet day. It’s this kind of popularity that has allowed for an easy and rapid expansion into other markets, and the latest to benefit is Australia with four stores in Melbourne and one in Sydney to open before we even hit 2017.... Read More | Share it now!

Japanese fast food chain HottoMotto opens first Australian outlet in Sydney

Following the successful entry of Yayoi into the Australian dining scene, Japan-based company Plenus have begun what they hope will be a nationwide expansion for another one of the popular brand’s, Hotto Motto. The well known bento box chain, which boasts around 2,656 locations world wide, has chosen Sydney’s The Galeries as their first port of call, a seamless fit nearby the precinct’s Yayoi restaurant. ... Read More | Share it now!

KFC have created a scented candle that smells like fried chicken for some reason

“Why not make it smell like Fried Chicken”. No they are not the famous last words from KFC founder Colonel Harland David Sanders, but the reasoning behind a very odd product, spoken by CMO Kevin Hochman. It’s what he told Business Insider when approached about the very curious release of (extra crispy) fried chicken scented suntan lotion earlier this year, one of two limited edition products released by the fast food behemoth in 2016. ... Read More | Share it now!