Dan Murphy’s is turning a heritage house in Chippendale into an interactive pop-up (Sydney)

Dan Murphy’s are planning to take over an abandoned heritage house in Sydney this month, turning the space into what they’ve conceived as the “House of Discovery” where the drink trends of 2018 will be highlighted and celebrated for guests across two fun-filled days. The interactive pop-up will be located in Chippendale, nodding heavily to the return of Tequila as a drink of choice, paying homage to do-it-yourself cocktail culture, and showcasing food-drink pairing. ... Read More | Share it now!

Cocktail Recipe: Viniq-ly Chic

Shimmery purple tinged liqueur Viniq launched in Australia earlier this year, bringing an interesting new product to the shelves, one which is made by fusing premium Vodka and moscato, and fruity notes like peach, citrus, berry, and hints of orange blossom. For Australian cocktail culture, a new liqueur such as this is like a shiny new tool, one which also has the unique look to make for some very attractive concoctions.... Read More | Share it now!

Dan Murphy’s has opened a wine and whisky library in Prahran Arcade (Melbourne)

At the beginning of this month, drinks retail giant Dan Murphy’s pushed forward with something a bit different than their usual stores, taking it back to their roots with a dedicated cellar in the iconic Prahran Arcade at 282 Chapel Street. The original site was where Daniel Francis Murphy first birthed the idea for the nationally recognised retailer, all the way back in 1890, so the opening of Dan Murphy’s Cellar is historic for the brand, and they aren’t holding anything back for it.... Read More | Share it now!