Bondi’s Latin American favourite Panama House moves to Campbell Parade (Sydney)

After spending over five years on Bondi Road, Panama House has moved much closer to the iconic golden sands, which now lay in the shadow of the 120-seater restaurant and bar. Perched above Campbell Parade, the Latin American venue is now charging into their new life with a refocused and reimagined offering that includes everything from takeaway coffee and all-day brunch to share-style dinner and evening cocktails.... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Taqiza is an excellent addition to Bondi’s strong Mexican dining scene (Sydney)

It may be in the heart of Bondi Beach, but Taqiza is a journey to a small energetic restaurant hidden down a bustling street in Méjico. The restaurant size may be cosy, but the menu and taste isn’t slim in excitement. The word Taqiza, which literally translates to ‘taco party’ in Spanish, is the embodiment of what this authentic Mexican restaurant has to offer.... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Luis Tans – Bondi (Sydney)

Tucked just off Campbell Parade is where you’ll find The House of Luis Tans (Luis Tans for short), shaped into a space that formerly hosted contemporary Japanese spot PaperPlanes, ditching the Asian pop art for a mature dip into Peruvian chic, a stylish 70’s pastiche helped by vintage posters and stripes of colour. The restaurant takes its name from a ridiculously wealthy Peruvian hustler (Lui) and the luxurious estate he built with his wife (Akemi Tan), daughter of the boss in the largest yakuza syndicate since the mid 20th century. The menu however focuses on the actual union between these two characters, the blending of South American and Asian cultures which is mirrored in the distinguished fusion (yep, that word) food and drink, resulting in some very strong, well done flavours.... Read More | Share it now!

Royal Croquet Club pops up on Bondi Beach for 11 days of food, music and art (Sydney)

Traveling culture festival Royal Croquet Club has officially debuted in Sydney after returning for its third overall consecutive year in Australia, propped up on the iconic sands from now until Sunday 4th December with a jaw-dropping list of some of the city’s most popular food vendors, fashion stalls, live music, experiential art installations, theatre, bars, and yep, croquet. The Adelaide-born festival, which toured through Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane earlier this year, is expected to draw a crowd of 60,000 over its 10 days.... Read More | Share it now!

South American and Asian fusion restaurant Luis Tans celebrates first birthday with new menu (Sydney)

After a year of serving Bondi an exciting fusion of South American and Asian food, the team behind restaurant and cocktail bar Luis Tans is ready to take things to the next level. Sticking to their unique approach, the kitchen have now welcomed the new chef duo of Leandro Legname (ex-Bridge Street Garage) and Sean Andrews (ex-Tetsuya) and tasked them with designing a new menu, focusing on fresh, bold flavours that seem to born out of respective heritages steeped in Peru and Japan.... Read More | Share it now!

Where to rehydrate and refuel after City 2 Surf this weekend (Sydney)

Treat those joggers well because they’ll be your saving grace this Sunday at City2Surf, the heart-pumping marathon that starts in the city and ends up by the golden sands of Bondi Beach. Each time the event comes around, some of Bondi’s finest venues seek the attention of those looking to re-hydrate and wind-down post-run, and there will be no shortage of spots to do that at this weekend. Check the list below and make sure you plan carefully. Good luck!... Read More | Share it now!

Harry’s Bondi turns the tide with brand new breakfast and lunch menus (Sydney)

Harry’s Bondi is known as one of the very best casual dining spots in Sydney’s east, constantly packed full of locals and visitors and amassing a loyal following many similar venues only dream of. From humble days as an overworked coffee bar in the corner of a convenience store, the venue has evolved into a full bar and dining format, and for the first time since its substantial rebirth last year, the kitchen has given a big refresh to their both their breakfast and lunch menus.... Read More | Share it now!

Where to find the best margaritas in Sydney

Much dispute has arisen over who exactly created one of the most famous and endearing cocktails in the world, the classic margarita. Many say it first popped up around 1938 when bartender Carlos “Danny” Herrera dreamed up the cocktail for a dancer named Marjorie King, who claimed she was allergic to all spirits except Tequila, prompting Herrera to build on the elements of a traditional tequila shot with salt and lime to create a refreshing, palatable drink. Other origin stories say the drink wasn’t created until 10 years later, when a wealthy socialite named Margarita Sames just randomly whipped up her namesake for some guests, one of whom was Tommy Hilton who would go on to add the drink to the bar menu across his well-known hotel chain. However, the Sames story clashes with the claim in The Complete Book of Spirits that Anthony Dias Blue, the first importer of Jose Cuervo in the U.S, advertised with the tagline “Margarita: it’s more than a girl’s name” in 1945, which is three years before Sames apparently created this drink. We may never know the true origin of the drink, but one thing is for sure; Margaritas have remained a reference point for cocktail recipes which go on to stand the test of time, so much so that a day exists to celebrate the mix; that day is today, Monday 22nd February.... Read More | Share it now!