Recipe: juice cocktails from Blu Bar on 36 x The Juice Farm

Australian juice brand The Juice Farm has recently inked a partnership with Sydney’s Blu Bar on 36 at the Shangri-La Hotel that will have their range of 100% chilled fresh juice used in a number of specially made cocktails. There’s at least three on the menu right now, so rather than just describing them we thought it best to actually source the recipes for each so you’ll know exactly what goes into them and how to try your hand behind that home-bar of yours.... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Blu Bar on 36 at Shangri-La Hotel – The Rocks (Sydney)

To truly take in the many incredible perspectives available to us in Sydney it’s necessary to scout around The Rocks, Walsh Bay, and similar areas to find the various vantage points that are unique to this city. Blu Bar on 36 springs to mind when thinking about these vantage points, a long-standing bar 36 floors high up in the sky on top of the luxe Shangri-La Hotel. The premium cocktail bar has recently seen a few changes, driven by mixologist Art Palomata who has switched up the menu to put some new creations alongside the bar’s signatures, making full use of what he refers to as “liquid physics” to add a little bit of theatre to the already spectacular atmosphere that’s elevated by that priceless panoramic view. ... Read More | Share it now!