Boost Juice are now serving Vegemite smoothies across Australia

“We’re always looking to think outside the square when it comes to product development”, said Chief Marketing Officer of Boost Juice Joanne Bradley. And outside of the square they have most certainly thought this time, with the ubiquitous juice brand introducing new flavour The Vegemite Boost. It obviously contains Australia’s most divisive (to non-Australians anyway; it’s delicious in small amounts) spread, and while you may think it sounds disgusting, it actually seems like it could work.... Read More | Share it now!

First Impressions: VIVE Cooking School – in the kitchen with Manu Feildel

I talk food, write food and occasionally cook food from the comfort of my own kitchen but can I put my money where my mouth is and deliver a truly authentic French dining experience? Probably not, but there is no reason why I shouldn’t give it a go.  Last weekend I was able to do just that at VIVE Cooking School, a beautiful space located at the heart of Saporium, Rosebery’s latest precinct that synthesises design and eating. VIVE Cooking School is a platform for passionate home cooks of all ages who are searching for a deeper connection with how they shop, source and share food. It’s actually even shaped like a glasshouse, allowing not just the passersby to peer right in, but further represents VIVE’s positioning to enhance the community dimension of freshly opened hub Saporium, being open to and utilising ingredients and skills from the artisan shops that surround it.... Read More | Share it now!