On the Shelf: The Art of Wholefood’s Wellness Jellies

Australian owned and operated small business The Art of Whole Food have been around for two years now, founded by Nutritionist Samantha Beard who, after years of studying nutrition and herbal medicine, drew on her passion for cooking to start speaking to those who were wanting healthier alternatives to palatable foods. Beard went on to introduce products like bone broths using only grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and organic produce. A year after the fundamental success of The Art of Whole Food, Beard has released what she calls Wellness Jellies, containing 100% Australian grass-fed beef gelatin – which contains the nutrients, protein, and amino acids needed for a healthy digestive system – and all-natural ingredients selected for their vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants while still providing a mixture that actually tastes good.

In a similar function to her bone broth products, the main aim of these jellies is to provide the same digestive healing benefits but in a more refreshing form which appeals to all ages.


Seeing as I’m often on a diet of fried foods, melted cheese, and absolutely no long-term health plan, these kinds of health foods aren’t often on my radar. They have be literally placed right in front of me for me to stop thinking about my next visit to Pub Life Kitchen, and that’s pretty much what happened here. We were sent four flavours of Wellness Jellies:

  • Strawberry, apple, and chamomile
  • Chocolate, almond, and vanilla bean
  • Mango, passionfruit, and coconut
  • Strawberries and cream

Fresh fruit, coconut milk, raw cocao, and almond milk are some of the ingredients used to essentially make bone broth more accessible. The Strawberries & Cream was my favourite of the four, of course not too sweet but capturing just enough flavour to go down a treat. The texture is incredibly smooth and light, with a clean taste all throughout the palate. Next best would be the chocolate, almond, and vanilla bean surprisingly enough, the nuttiness and richness of vanilla bean balancing out the bitterness of the chocolate.


In an interview with wellthy.net, Beard further explained the health benefits of bone broth, what she described as a “nutritional powerhouse” with calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, pottasium, and sulfur. You’ll also get gelatin and collagen which can improve the structure and health of hair, skin, and nails. Of course, the main takeaway is that it helps repair the gut lining which can in turn improve overall health be decreasing inflammation in the body and increasing your uptake of nutrients.

As with the Bone Broth products, these jellies are all gluten free, dairy free, and non GMO, made from local ingredients, free of artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and thickeners. They are a bit pricey at $6.90 each but the taste combined with the promised benefits make them worth it. Grab them online HERE. They are also available from AboutLife stores.