Tasmanian distillery Southern Wild releases new gins using native botanicals

It ain’t all about whisky and cider down in Tasmania. New local distillery Southern Wild have dove into the domestic market in a big way, making a splash with a range of gins named after the two wild rivers which run from the snowmelt of Cradle Mountain through the hinterland to the pristine coast of Tasmania’s northwest. Dasher + Fisher is the new range, and it’s not just the name which echoes nature, but the botanicals used to bring these flavour profiles to life.

The three gins, individually named after Tasmania’s gorgeous surrounds – Mountain, Meadow and Ocean – have each been crafted in Devonport by local distiller George Burgess who has put emphasis on the “Tassie Trio” of botanicals; those being native pepperberry (used in Mountain), lavender (used in Meadow) and wakame (used in Ocean). All have been sourced from passionate local growers.

Most likely as a result of his background as food technologist, Burgess has designed each recipe and flavour profile so that these gins are best utilised as part of the ever-growing trend of pairing gin with food. It highlights the diversity of the adaptable spirit and also brings in new ways to think about dining.

“We set out to create a new kind of gin, and we think we have done it”, said Burgess. “The three Dasher + Fisher gins are first and foremost ‘eating gins’, best tasted with food and created with food in mind”.

All three Dasher + Fisher gins are now available for an RRP of $90 each from Southern Wild Distillery. For more information you can also give them a visit on Facebook HERE.

Image supplied and credited to Jason Loucas.