Review: Coca-Cola’s sugarless, coffee-infused soda is actually quite nice

Coca-Cola have been on a bit of a resurgence as of late. They did away with the overly acidic Coke Zero and gave us Coca-Cola No Sugar, a terrible name but a vast improvement as the brand move to offer a sugarless alternative that actually tastes great. Yep, it still has some bad stuff in it but for those watching their weight it was a step forward without sacrificing on taste. Now Coca-Cola Australia have went and launched what is perhaps their riskiest product yet, without going to fruity route. Now we’re the testing ground for Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar, another terrible name but a drink that isn’t without its merits.

“It’s a fresh take on the delicious taste of Coca-Cola Classic but with the unmistakable aroma of real coffee and some subtle caramel undertones”, said Lisa Winn of Coca-Cola Australia. “Just like the real thing, the delicious taste of Coca-Cola Plus Coffee is best served icy cold. And for those watching their sugar intake the food news is that Coke Plus Coffee is completely sugar free”.

The release follows another out-there flavour which was released earlier this year, that being Coca-Cola Ginger. After a few taste tastes, we’re placing this Coffee version on the same level in terms of satisfaction. Like Ginger, it can get a bit too much if you’re having more than a can, but the smooth, sweet and rich use of Brazilian coffee beans cuts through the familiar taste of coke with a refreshing taste. The palate is consistent from front to back, although it’s a lot richer on the front, with the initial hit so rich with caramel you can barely taste the coke until the a few gulps into one of the slim design cans. The flavour profile of the actual coca-cola is more light and fizzy like diet coke (when compared to the acid overload of coke zero), so imagine that with an extra hit of sweet coffee.

With 35mg of caffine per serving (250ml can) this new coke has less caffeine than the same amount of a regular latte or flat white – although more than classic coke – which tastes about right seeing as the taste is quite light. You won’t get the heavier roasted notes in the profile, though Brazilian coffee is known to be quite nutty and sweet, and that definitely comes across in the drink.

Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar is now available nationally as a limited edition product.