Rekorderlig introduce ‘Hard Cider’ to the Australian market

Known for their “Beautifully Swedish” aesthetic and unique approach to cider, Swedish brand Rekorderlig, take a big step forward with a brand new addition to their cider line-up. The newbie, titled Hard Cider, aims to take things up a notch, with 6.5% ABV which is much higher than usual.

Two flavours are being introduced as part of the Hard Cider range. The first, the unsurprising push of Hard Apple which is said to balance initial sweet bursts of fresh apple with clean and crisp bubbles for a “refreshing finish”. Hard Pear is the obvious second flavour, which is said to cut through the sweetness of the ripe, juicy pears with a crisp finish.

Being made available as Australia starts prepping for summer, Hard Cider comes in easy-to-carry 10 packs as well as 4x330ml bottle packs. You can grab more information about the new release HERE.