OAK give their flavoured milk some more muscle with OAK Plus

Stalwart flavoured milk brand Oak have been serving the Australian people for what feels like forever. Earlier this year, interest in Oak spiked with chocolate milk slurpee machines popping up around the country, and now the brand has used that momentum to spring a new product on us unworthy flavoured milk fiends: OAK Plus.

As you can probably tell from the name, OAK have gone and given their flavoured milk a big hit of energy, designing it towards a sports recovery drink with a formula that has been specially created to bring drinkers a sizable dose of 30 grams of protein for ideal post-workout flavoured milk sessions. What’s more is that it’s now low in fat (7g per serve) and has reduced sugar (40.5g per serve).

“We know that lots of people already drink OAK chocolate milk after exercise because of the protein and nutritional advantages it has over water and other functional drinks”, explained OAK Marketing Director Angela Burr. “OAK Plus tastes every bit as good as a regular OAK but is designed specifically to refuel the body after a tough workout, with 30 grams of natural dairy protein for sustained energy and muscle recovery throughout the day”.

OAK Plus has hit the shelves around Australia now, in all three of the brand’s most well known flavours – Chocolate, Iced Coffee and Vanilla – in 500ml bottles at $3.90 each. You can grab them from all major supermarkets as well as convenience stores like Caltex, BP and 7 Eleven.

For more information head to the official Oak Milk Facebook page HERE.

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