KitKat switch things up with two new flavours: Mint and Caramel Pretzel

KitKat fans rejoice! The team behind the beloved chocolate have announced “KitKat 2 Ways”, a new take on the chocolate finger with two new flavours which should see the recently released treats fly off the shelves around the country. What’s more is that each of the two new flavours features two versions of that flavour on the same chocolate finger, moving away from the traditional way of enjoying a KitKat with more a hybrid approach.

First up, we’ve got the KitKat Mint 2 Ways which is said to “get the taste buds tingling” with a strong crisp mint flavour on one side of the finger, and a creamier, smoother mint on the other.

For something completely different, there’s also the KitKat Caramel Pretzel 2 Ways, which replaces the traditional wafer biscuit with a crispy baked pretzel wafer and features two very exciting flavours: a hit of sweet caramel on one side of the finger, and salted caramel on the other.

The new KitKat flavours range from $1.99 to $5.49 and can be picked up everywhere KitKat is stocked across Australia.