Here’s why Little Creatures have decided to completely change the look of their beers

Little Creatures are switching things up as we head deeper into 2018, giving their range a facelift with some experimental design. And though they have delved into a big packaging makeover, the brewers have had the good sense to leave the contents as is, with the beer remaining unchanged.

The packaging refresh is the biggest transformation they have made since opening their Frementale brewery 18 years ago, making use of unique illustrations that tell the Little Creatures story in their own way. This includes an energetic injection of colour to further distinguish the Little Creatures brand and in a very competitive market and celebrate their individuality.

“Our Creatures’ Hop Heads told us they wanted to know more about what goes into each of their favourite beers and more information around the brewing process. We figured our packaging was as good a place as any to share the unique and colourful story of each beer’s creation and provenance via some pretty nifty hand-drawn illustrations”, explained Marty Ferguson of Little Creatures. “If you look closely you’ll see a few nods to our hometown of Freo and WA”.

For more information about the transformation head on over to the official little creatures website HERE.