Four of Arnott’s most legendary biscuits have been turned into ice creams

In the wildest Australian collaboration yet Arnott’s have teamed up with Peters on a range of ice creams which take some of the former brand’s most iconic biscuits and turns them into indulgent ice creams. While we’re not quite at the level of Pizza Shape ice cream yet, four or Arnott’s other most famous expressions have been chosen for the now-released range, which includes Mint Slice, Wagon Wheels, Caramel Crowns, and the timeless classic Iced Vovo.

All four biscuits have had their respective flavour profiles carefully carried over into ice-cream format. This means that both Mint Slice and Wagon Wheels are now being sold in major supermarkets as ice-cream sandwiches, and both gooey Caramel Crowns and Iced Vovo come in tubs. And yes, the Iced Vovo ice cream means that all the distinctive flavours have been delivered in ice-cream form, that’s coconut, raspberry, jam and vanilla.

The tubs are retailing for $6.99 each while the frozen ice-cream sandwiches are going for $7.99 per four-pack.

For more information on the collaboration head to Peters’ official website HERE.

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