Coke Zero is No More: Coca-Cola announce Australian launch of “Coca-Cola No Sugar”

Coke Zero is no more. Well at least it won’t be when Coca-Cola rebrand and reformulate after years of research in their ongoing efforts to offer the best sugar-free Coke possible. Now the big ticket alternative to sugar-full Coke will be Coca-Cola No Sugar, just in case you didn’t get the message the first time.

Australians will be amongst the first in the world to taste the new creation when it launches across the country this Friday, 16th June, following last year’s successful debut in Mexico. It’ll also mark Coca-Cola’s biggest Australian giveaway to date, with plans to hand out more than two million free samples nationwide.

“We think it’s the closest we have ever come to the classic taste of Coca-Cola”, said President of Coca-Cola Australia Roberto Mercade. “We wanted the experience of drinking Coca-Cola No Sugar to be as close as possible to ‘the real thing’, that’s no small task when you consider the original has been cherished by consumers for more than a century”.

Coke No Sugar comes as a result of five years testing out different flavour profiles as well as conducting 18 separate consumer trials before “finally cracking it”.

No details have been released about the exact recipe and the ingredients used in Coca-Cola No Sugar, but when it launches in all major and independent retailers this Friday we’re sure the verdict will ring loud and clear.

Consumers will be able to get free samples in more places and via more methods than ever before including downloading vouchers on their mobiles, via Shazam during TV ads and even at voice-activated outdoor advertising panels. Stay tuned to the brand’s Facebook for more info.