The Lord Gladstone are dishing up Wu-Tang Baogers and Shaolin fries this weekend (Sydney)

For their monthly Burger Lords series, controversial Chippendale pub The Lord Gladstone have put together a fresh new creation they are triumphantly calling The Wu-Tang Baoger.

Seemingly, the pub crew have reached found this recipe in the slums of Shaolin, crafting something not even Raekwon the Chef has cooked up before, mashing up a bao and a burger for an East meets West burg that will make you want the kitchen team to keep feedin’ you, and feedin’ you, and feedin’ you, and feedin’ you.

This holiest of creations features a 180-gram Wagyu beef patty, layers of nori sheets, a ramen patty, kewpie wasabi mayo, and some fermented black bean aioli, all stacked between a bao bun. They are serving each Wu-Tang Baoger with a side of Shaolin fries, which are fries loaded with ezy cheese, lup choy, and fried shallots. Suuuuu.

The beer garden will be echoing Wu-Tang cuts all day from local DJs and craft beer will be pouring up for $5 each.

Grab more info from the Facebook event page HERE.

The Lord Gladstone’s Burger Lords

When: Sunday 24th July; 12pm-9pm (or sold out)
Where: 115 Regent Street, Chippendale

Image: The Lord Gladstone.