Tella Balls Dessert Bar add Golden Gaytimes and Coco Pops inspired doughnuts alongside churro bowls (Sydney)

Now that the Tella Balls Dessert Bar is up and running at Dulwich Hill, eagerly pumping out nutella doughnuts and all types of nutella-inspired desserts to rabid customers, the Chefs have decided to introduce two limited edition versions of their actually world famous desserts. Playing around with childhood favourites, the team have designed The Golden Tella Ball and the Choc Crackle Tella Ball to add to their range for a limited time only. In addition, the dessert bar will also be adding dessert craze The Churro Bowl, to their offerings

The Golden Tella Ball has been inspired by summer days hungrily licking away at Streets fav Golden Gaytime, offering a centre of caramel and butterscotch with crumbly biscuits and gold dust on top. Kellogg’s Coco Pops have inspired the other creation, the Choc Crackle Tella Ball, which is covered in chocolate and coco pops with a chocolate ganache and coco pops centre, served up with a choice of vanilla bean gelato or as a Tella Ball Shake.


Both of these will be available from now until Tuesday 26th April at the, for now, only Tella Balls Dessert Bar located at 370 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill. Opening times are 7 days a week from 11am.

The team have also announced that as of the 18th April 2016, the menu will feature churro bowls served up with Nutella gelato that has been drizzled with Nutella and sprinkled with peanuts and Cadbury flakes.

Images: Tella Balls Dessert Bar