Premium food delivery service Suppertime announce rebrand to Foodora at Australia’s first restaurant without a kitchen

Premium food delivery service Suppertime have chosen to take on the branding and name of their parent company foodora, a globally operated on-demand food boutique based in Germany, which acquired them last year. The start-up have made a name for themselves via their accessibility to the hottest restaurants around (most of which don’t have their own delivery service available) delivering to foodies who’d prefer to dine out at home.


The move to re-brand was announced at a secret dinner party held in District 01 Surry Hills this week where a record breaking feat marked the occasion, the celebration was hosted in Australia’s first restaurant without a kitchen. The night centred around enjoying good food in a comfortable environment with friends and encouraged patrons to host their own dinner parties by showing them how to plate up and providing condiments to get creative and jazz up dishes with.



Patrons were seated in a beautifully decorated space, asked to download the foodora app, enter a made up location and select meals from five of Sydney’s finest restaurants Madame Nhu, Chur Burger, Mr Crackles, Mamak and Pizza Birra with dessert provided by Messina and beverages supplied by Cricketer’s Arms, Lisa McGuigan Wines and Chambord. Meals made it to the location speedily, as per foodora’s promise to deliver in under 30 minutes, with riders showing up on push bikes designed for negotiating the urban jungle.

Mr Crackles ‘Classic Roll’

Pizza Birra’s Pappardelle Beef Cheek

Besides the 700+ handpicked partners in Sydney and Melbourne (Brisbane will be on the books soon) the service announced another win to entice their audience, extending their usual hours to 10am – 10pm on weekends to answer the call of the all important brunch ritual.

Madame Nhu’s BBQ Duck Salad

Pizza Birra’s Margerita pizza

Co-founder and CEO Toon Gyssels was on hand on the night, iterating reasons for the approach including improvements to technology and operations through consolidating with their parent network – “We both share the same ethos to revolutionise the delivery experience. foodora brings improved technology to the Australian market, building on our existing infrastructure to make the delivery experience even better – a goal which has driven Suppertime since the very beginning”.


Messina’s Salted Coconut and Mango Gelato

Some would say foodora’s intent which falls within the competitive realms of Menulog and sister company Delivery Hero takes away from the experience of going out and being sociable, whilst also making less relevant the unique dining experience and personality injected into participating businesses, something no doubt has been a result of hard work and a large part of their appeal. The strong growth in this sector obviously speaks volumes of its viability but whether this comes at a cost of our food culture becoming a slave to convenience is still up for debate.

Order through foodora in Sydney or Melbourne via their site or download their app from Apple Store or Google Play.

Weekday delivery lunch and dinner services run between 11am – 3pm and 5pm to 10pm with weekend services extended between 10am – 10pm.