Pizza Hut continue rolling out their modern concept stores with a new one in Marsden Park (Sydney)

t seems the big nostalgia-satisfying rebrand of Pizza Hut Australia is going to roll out at a rapid pace this year. Not long ago Sydney’s Waterloo became the flagship location for their new concept store, a crowd-pleasing shot at bringing back the beloved Pizza Hut all-you-can-eat sessions of yesteryear with a few modern twists like the ability to make your own (real) ice cream or frozen custards a new pizza toppings with the prospect of introducing experimental combos on the regular; there’s also an express lunch menu and a licenced bar area.

Now Pizza Hut have opened their second concept store, located at Marsden Park and mirroring the Waterloo flagship. The restaurants’ fitout blends the company’s American heritage with a “contemporary Australian feel” so go in expecting features like a big open kitchen, indoor, outdoor and bar seating, and a digital jukebox on an iPad.

“We didn’t want to forget our heritage in this rebrand”, said a spokesperson. “For so many Australian adults there are fond memories of the Pizza Hut restaurants where, as a child, the experience was magical and remembered fondly. We needed to maintain our links to that time – but it needed an update to remain relevant to a new audience”.

Pizza Hut Marsden Park

Address: 9 Hollinsworth Rd, Marsden Park, NSW 2765

Image: Sydney Commercial Photography