McDonald’s Australia is now selling Big Mac Special Sauce in 500ml bottles for a limited run

Last year, fast food giant McDonald’s Australia started pushing exclusive 500ml bottles of their famous Big Mac Special Sauce to a selected few across the country, with the rest of the public able to get their hands on 25ml tubs from national outlets. But that was last year. In 2016, McDonald’s are taking the ‘exclusive’ label off of the popular product and adding them to the Macca’s menu, meaning anyone can purchase these highly sought after 500ml bottles from selected McDonald’s restaurants in Australia.

Paul Tredinnick, Senior Marketing Manager, commented on the releases, saying “last year we had plenty of Aussies ask us where they could get bottles of our Special Sauce from, so we’re extremely excited to be able to again give Australians what they want – 500mls of pure Big Mac sauce.”

“Given how creative people got with the tubs of sauce last year, I can’t wait to see our customers Big Mac Sauce experiences this Australia Day”, added Tredinnick, undoubtedly paying reference to all those social media posts last year, which saw people adding the sauce to everything from sushi to pizza to roast dinners.

A total of 40 Maccas restaurants around the country have been chosen to stock the bottles, which are currently selling for $4.95 each until stock runs out. For locations head to