KFC re-launches the Double Shell Zinger Taco in Australia

KFC Australia is on a revival binge at the moment, putting a few long-forgotten favourites back onto the menu, much to the delight of fast food fans across the country. Recently it was the deep-fried greatness of gravy mashies, now it’s the Double Shell Zinger Taco.

It’s pretty self-explanatory for those who don’t remember the ungodly hybrid food. It’s a zinger. In a hard corn taco shell, dressed with lettuce and tomato salsa, and wrapped in a soft tortilla shell before being topped with salsa sauce. That’s two tacos in one pretty much, offering both a hard and soft shell which is glued together by the salsa.

“We had such a positive feedback from Aussies last time we released the Zinger Taco, we knew we had to bring them back”, said Group Marketing Director at KFC Australia Annabel Fribence. “Now everyone has an excuse to get stuck in and try one if they haven’t already. The best thing is, the innovative combination means no one has to get stuck in the hard shell versus soft shell debate [which shouldn’t be a thing anyway because any taco is a good taco]”.

KFC have made this one available nationwide, which means all 620 Australian stores, and has put it on the menu with prices starting from $7.95 for two tacos, $9.95 for a combo, and $12.45 for a box.