KFC has just added a zinger mozzarella burger to their Australian menu

Fast-food giant KFC, like most fast-food stalwarts, regularly uses Australia as a testing ground for new menu items. The latest: a brand spanking new Zinger Mozzarella burger, taking one of KFC’s most popular orders and slapping it with the most decadent of Italian cheeses.

While it’s not a substantial change for what a zinger, it does add a delicious angle to the classic especially when that cheese s deep fried, slotting in-line with the gourmet burger boom that has flooded Sydney with fried cheese patty add-ons for the past few years.

Rolling out across all 620 stores this week, the Zinger Mozzarella burger is build between an arby bread bun, featuring a breaded mozzarella patty in crispy zinger coating, deep fried and stacked with a zinger fillet, zinger fried cheese, bacon, tangy tomato sauce, mayo and lettuce.

God. Damn.