Japan’s real-life Mario Kart experience is coming to Sydney and Melbourne this year

Heading to both Sydney and Melbourne later this year, Mushroom Racing channels the renowned “Real Life Mario Kart” experience travellers have been enjoying for years over in Japan. For those who’ve always craved dressing up like Yoshi, Bowser, Mario, Luigi or Peach (or Toad – let’s not leave that lil’ guy out) and skirting around on custom made karts as if you were hittin’ the corners on Rainbow Road, this debut will feature numerous courses, costumes, prizes and a whole lot of fan service.

The immortal video game franchise that has been driving Nintendo sales through the roof for decades will be adapted to the real life experience, which vaguely promises the function of “collecting stars to win amazing prizes”. No further details have been provided as of yet but it’s not likely that this will be exactly the same as the popular Japanese activity, which lets drivers take their cosplay-race fantasies out onto the streets of cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. Australia’s streets are a bit less organised, polite, functional and safer though, so we’re expecting this to be a self-contained affair.

Tickets will be “extremely limited” and those interested can sign up for the pre-release HERE.