Japanese-Mexican fusion ‘The Sushirito’ is now available in Chippendale (Sydney)

Sushi rolls not enough for you? If so then Sushirito + Juicery, a new eatery on Chippendale’s lovingly curated Kensington Street, should be able to meet your needs. The team behind it are the latest to recreate a mutant-food from overseas, bringing Sydney a central spot to grab a Sushirito alongside Korean shaved-ice desserts and bubble tea.

You shouldn’t even need to think twice about what a sushirito actually is; it’s obviously some unholy east-meets-west blend that amalgamates a sushi roll and a burrito into one mega-indulgent and flavour-rich treat. However, unlike most fusion foods, this burrito-sized sushi roll isn’t as much of a perversion of two very different food cultures as you’d expect; it’s just a very large sushi roll with more ingredients, and more flavour.

Speaking to Broadsheet, Japanese chef Charles Hanh, who is behind the eatery with co-owner Harriet Cho, explained the sushirito. “Normally we put a lot of rice in sushi rolls, but I just spread a tiny bit of rice…instead we have a lot of fresh ingredients”.

The densely packed rolls may be the most attention-grabbing thing on the menu for the eatery, but there’s also just regular servings of sushi and don for those who refuse to live in a world full of cronuts, sushiritos and doughnut milkshakes.

Sushirito + Juicery

Address: 20 Kensington Street, Chippendale
Hours: Tues-Sun 11am-9:30pm

Image: whimn.com.au.