Hashtag Burgers have created the ultimate Pokeburgers for their Sydney pop up

You won’t have to stuff these ones with razzberries or candy if you want to catch ’em all. The stalwart burger lords over at Hashtag Burgers are bringing something special to their infamous Down ‘N’ Out burger pop-up in Sydney CBD. Now looking beyond their popular homage to In-N-Out, the team have created a limited edition range of Pokeburgers, which they will be selling at the temporary burger joint for the next two weeks.


Inventive burger Chef Seb (ex-Mr Crackles, Thirsty Bird) has come up with flavours to match the corresponding Pokemon type, dreaming up what each Pokemon’s personality would ‘taste’ like and building some burgs from there. So far, they’ve got Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Charmandar (where Squirtle at?) in burger form with hopes of more Pokemon to come (please not Zubat).

To anyone wondering why there is no Squirtle burger. The Hashtag crew were experimenting with blue buns, but they kept coming out green.


Each burger costs $15 but there’s a little catch (’em all): you don’t get to decide which Pokeburger you get, all Pokeburgers will be distributed at random, perhaps to mirror the unpredictable (unless you’re a go-radar kind of cheat) mechanics of Pokemon Go.


You can grab these from Down ‘N’ Out at Sir John Young Hotel (corner of Liverpool St and George St) from Tues 23rd August to Sat 3rd September. Grab more info from Facebook.