Harvest is South Yarra’s new all-day coffeehouse, bar and eatery (Melbourne)

South Yarra’s got a new all-day coffeehouse, bar and eatery with Harvest, a new venture from chef and owner Tim Martin that focuses on a refined menu of wine, aged meats and fermented products. Martin, who brings 16 years of experience to his debut solo restaurant, aims to channel plenty of European influence into local produce to help make Harvest a regular destination for locals and visitors alike.

There’s a strong commitment to produce and location to frame Harvest’s offerings, whether that be pickled vegetables paired with rich charcuterie that has been aged on-site, or producing the majority of ingredients in-house. The menu evolves throughout the day, starting from breakfast with a selection of toasties and pastries along with substantial options like the benefict muffins with brown butter hollandaise and off-the-bone ham. Then you’ve got lunch, moving towards a variety of proteins like sourdough battered fish and grass-fed O’Conner’s bottom sirloin served with red wine sauce, pepper sauce, and either bone marrow or fries. Finally, dinner takes on a more share-style approach with dishes including fried chicken oysters with shaved cabbage, mayo and bocadillo, “tongue n cheek” cigars with brick pastry and charred onion salsa, sourdough ceccamariti pasta with ox tail ragu alla napoletana, and bone marrow & artichoke heart stew with peas, morels and soft herbs.

With future plans to introduce the restaurant’s own exclusive craft beer and wine, an initiative led by Martin along with Sommelier and floor manager Stuart Quinn and bar manager Scott Bailey, it seems Harvest is going to be a big part of South Yarra as we move towards 2018.


Address: 2 Claremont Street, South Yarra
Website: harvestmelb.com
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-late; Sat 8am-late; Sun 8am-3pm