Gelato Messina to imagine Game of Thrones characters as gelato flavours with “Game of Cones”

Those gelato gods at Gelato Messina have brought back their popular Game of Cones season for the first month of winter, planning a series of five exclusive flavours each inspired by five different characters from Game of Thrones. Ever wondered what Ramsay Bolton, Hodor, Khaleesi, Queen of Thorns (Olenna Tyrell), and Missandei (of Naathi) would taste like if they were ever thrown into a gelato maker and transformed into delicious frozen treats? You’re about to find out.

From May 30th (today) to June 27th, Messina will be releasing a new flavour every Monday (which is when Game of Thrones airs on Foxtel at 11am – you can check our weekly reviews on our sister site The Iris) starting with everyone’s favourite prince of absolute evil Ramsay Bolton.

Food delivery service foodora have also come on board to help deliver these flavours across the seven kingdoms so leaving the couch to grab one is optional.

The release schedule is as follows:

  • Week beginning 30th May: Ramsay Bolton
  • Week beginning 6th June: Hodor (in 2014, Hodor flavour was a peanut and milk chocolate gelato, with caramel brownie and salted caramel fudge).
  • Week beginning 13th June: Khaleesi (in 2014 Khaleesi flavour was a yoghurt mango gelato with a highly thematically appropriate dragon fruit purée)
  • Week beginning 20th June: Queen of Thorns (hold the poison)
  • Week beginning 27th June: Massandei

Watch the video below, but beware – particularly headphone users – the really sharp sword sounds that are like cutlery scraping a plate are loud.

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Keep a look out on Messina’s Instagram for an updates.