Foodora is delivering free cheese kits straight to your door every Sunday of September

Delivery service Foodora has teamed up with the folks behind Cracker Barrel for a new campaign designed to encourage people to be less glued to their phones and more in-tune with each other. In an attempt to bring back “real conversation”, the well known Australian cheese brand, which is produced locally by Warrnambool Cheese and Butter, will be offering free “catch up packs” of cheese, crackers and conversation thought starter cards every Sunday of this month within Foodora service areas in Melbourne and Sydney.

The offer will be available each Sunday at 2pm, where people in those specific areas (Melbounrne’s inner-north and south suburbs; Sydney’s eastern and inner-west suburbs) can log on to the Foodora app and grab one of the packs. Though they’ll be offered in limited numbers each week, and the packs are limited to one per customer per week, so best get in quick each Sunday by simply going to Foodora’s digital Cracker Barrel ‘restaurant’. The pack will be delivered free to the users door as per the usual Foodora process.

For more information and specific service areas head to the official Cracker Barrel Facebook page HERE.