Egyptian food truck El Qahirah coming to Sydney’s World Square this week

El Qahirah, Sydney’s only Egyptian food truck is bringing the tastes of Cairo to the streets of the CBD this April.

El Qahirah launched at the beginning of last year and have been supplying healthy, filling and nutritious traditional Egyptian dishes across Sydney since. The food truck serves the three most common dishes in Cairo – Taameya (a fava bean and herb patty in a flatbread pouch; pictured above), Koshary and Fuul Medames (fava beans seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and spices ).

Koshary – the national dish of Egypt; a combination of lentils, rice, chick peas and macaroni with a Middle Eastern spice tomato sauce

El Qahirah will also be joined in World Square by Pat and Stick’s Homemade Ice Cream Co. to supply a sweet finish to your meal.

El Qahirah food truck

Where: In the Main Square of World Square, 644 George St, Sydney
When: 10am to 7pm from Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st April

You can learn more about El Qahirah on their Facebook here.

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