Doughnut Time hook up with Kelloggs for limited edition Coco Pop doughnuts

Wake Me Up Before You Coco is the latest in a long-line of limited edition specials to pop-up at ubiquitous doughnut-slinging company Doughtnut Time. The hole-in-the-wall doughnut shops, which can be found all over Australia, have hooked up with iconic cereal brand Kelloggs to make it all happen for lovers of the chocolaty breakfast treat.

“We all have such a deeply nostalgic love for Coco Pops. Playing around with the base flavour of [the] cereal milk and adding the clusters has resulting in something really delicious,” said Doughnut Time’s Head of Marketing Lauren Loubet. “We can’t wait to hear what our customers have to say”.

It’s but the latest example of a brand (usually a dessert one) taking a beloved Aussie supermarket product and completely reinterpreting it. Doughnut Time have done so by creating this doughnut with chocolate cereal milk dough before topping it with crunchy Coco Pops.

The treat launched today and will be available for two weeks – or until the limited stock is all sold out – for $7 each. UberEATS will also be delivering the creation during that time.

For Doughnut Time store locations head to their official website HERE.