Dan Murphy’s is turning a heritage house in Chippendale into an interactive pop-up (Sydney)

Dan Murphy’s are planning to take over an abandoned heritage house in Sydney this month, turning the space into what they’ve conceived as the “House of Discovery” where the drink trends of 2018 will be highlighted and celebrated for guests across two fun-filled days. The interactive pop-up will be located in Chippendale, nodding heavily to the return of Tequila as a drink of choice, paying homage to do-it-yourself cocktail culture, and showcasing food-drink pairing.

Soundtracked to the beats of DJ Flex Mami, each room of the pop-up will be dedicated to one trend. First you’ve got the Tequila space, which will celebrate Tequila-based cocktails and aim at educating guests in the midst of an interactive agave garden path, highlighting the differences between Tequila blanco, reposado and anejo.

Then you’ve got the home bartender room, split into two bars, one being a Tiki-style space and the other being a 1950’s Martini Bar. Guests will have the opportunity to taste some signature cocktails and learn how to make their own, playing around and experimenting with available flavours to create their own concoctions.

Lastly, the food-drink pairing room will teach guests how to pair their food to their favourite drink, whether it’s beer, wine or spirit. It’ll be located in the courtyard of the house at 48 Kensington Street, right next to Spice Alley. The Asian-styled dining precinct will be providing some food for guests to match with a curated drinks list.

If you’ve ever wanted to become more savvy in the alcohol area, you should head on over here and grab a $50 ticket for the event, which for non Dan Murphy’s members is either Friday 9th or Saturday 10th March. Dan Murhphy’s members have access to a special VIP session on Thursday 8th March, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm.