Cookie Dough Doughnut Sandwiches are coming to Bistro Morgan (Melbourne)

Morgan Hipworth, he who owns and operates Melbourne’s wildly popular concept store Bistro Morgan, has officially upped his doughnut game to the nth degree, leaving all other dessert crazes in the bin with a very, very indulgent looking Cookie Dough Doughnut Sandwich. The 16 year old chef will be selling these new creations from his Windsor store as of September 16th, highlighting a range of flavours worked up in collaboration with Cookie Doh Co.

It’s as simple as Morgan’s signature doughnuts used to sandwich a range of cookie dough, with flavours including Triple Chocolate, Apple & Cinnamon, and Cookies & Cream, all available to pair with your choice of doughnut and toppings. The sandwiches will sell for $8 each, while customers also have the option of grabbing their favourite dough in a cone ($5) or cup ($4.50).

“The joy I get with creating new and exciting doughnuts is a big part of what I’m about”, said Morgan. “Introducing cookie dough creates that fresh innovation to my doughnuts and I can’t wait for customers to try it”.

Bistro Morgan

Address: 190 High Street, Windsor, VIC