Cartoon Network and Doughnut Time hook up for Adventure Time treats

“It’s Always Adventure Time”, a bacon pancake doughnut, is the latest creation from the ever-busy folk at hole-in-the-wall chain Doughnut Time, the result of a partnership between the iconic animated show, Cartoon Network, and the popular Aussie franchise. To mark the arrival of “Adventure Time Live” Doughnut Time are offering this beauty, which is made from maple glaze in Jake’s signature yellow, topped with hand-made sprinkles in Finn’s iconic colours and, of course, caramelised bacon pancake, from Thursday 9th March.

An homage to the short-but-sweet Bacon Pancake song, which first appeared in the show’s fourth season, the doughnut is hoped to bump up anticipation (as if it could go any higher) for the long-awaited Adventure Time Live which kicks off in Melbourne on March 10 before heading to Sydney on March 11, and ending in Brisbane on March 12. The brief tour will present an interactive audio-visual experience featuring voice actors from the hit Cartoon Network show, including John DiMaggio, who is the voice of Jake the Dog. And yes, he’ll be singing the Bacon Pancake song on the tour. Others making the trip down under especially for the three-city tour include Jeremy Shada (Finn the Human), Olivia Olson (Marceline the Vampire) and Hynden Walch (Princess Bubblegum).

Each show will also feature a moderated discussion, live readings of classic scenes, an audience Q&A with the cast, and a screening of a never-before-seen episode of Adventure Time. For more information on the show and to book tickets click HERE.

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