Burger Watch: Burgers by Josh pays homage to a classic Maccas special with “The McRibby” (Sydney)

Welcome to Burger Watch, where we acknowledge the constant creativity bursting from all sides of the epic burger wave that sweeps Australia every week. The highest of high demand is reserved for this timeless food staple and just about every interpretation of it, whether it to be an over-the-top glutton-fest or a focus on simple burgers done well. We acknowledge that it’s not just enough to compile a list of the best burger joints for each city because we all know the cream of the crop have space on their menu for revolving specials. That’s why every now and then we’ll be paying close attention to some of the absolute best burger joints across the country and picking limited edition specials we feel you need in your life, so you’ll never have to miss out again.

We featured Bar Luca last week with their extra cheesy Beverly Hills Cop homage, but now we jump over to another Sydney mainstay with Burgers by Josh.

Burgers by Josh presents The McRibby

“Who remembers the Mc’Rib from a few years ago?” BBJ asked on their Facebook, referencing the once popular Mc’Donalds special that reignited people’s love for the fast food giant before they stupidly took it off the menu. “Well we are bringing it back for a limited time only”.

While obviously not exactly a recreation of the Maccas special, The McRibby is a limited edition homage featuring slow braised beef short ribs, beef jus, BBQ sauce, onions and pickles, all smacked between a potato bun.

They’ve emphasised that this will only be available for a limited time, so to avoid disappointment do some scouting over at Burgers by Josh’s Facebook page HERE before you head along..

Burgers by Josh

Address: 17 Parramatta Rd, Annandale
Website: http://burgersbyjosh.com/
Hours: Wed-Sun 12pm-2:30pm and 5:30pm to 9pm

Image: Burgers by Josh.