Burger Watch: Bar Luca bring back fan favourite specials for “all-star week” (Sydney)

Welcome to Burger Watch, where we acknowledge the constant creativity bursting from all sides of the epic burger wave that sweeps Australia every week. The highest of high demand is reserved for this timeless food staple and just about every interpretation of it, whether it to be an over-the-top glutton-fest or a focus on simple burgers done well. We acknowledge that it’s not just enough to compile a list of the best burger joints for each city because we all know the cream of the crop have space on their menu for revolving specials. That’s why every now and then we’ll be paying close attention to some of the absolute best burger joints across the country and picking limited edition specials we feel you need in your life, so you’ll never have to miss out again.

We’ve already featured a Bar Luca special, but how could we not revisit the beloved burger joint for their annual all-star week? Once a year Bar Luca and it’s BL Burger brethren put it to their many fans to vote for weekly specials which have popped up in the past months, deciding on their favourite limited edition burgers. Those favourites are then brought back for one week only, seven being chosen and each offered for one day only.

That week is coming in a matter of days, and while we don’t advise tackling all of these (unless you are some metabolic miracle) we do suggest you pick out one or two and get in line, these aren’t going to stick around for long.

Here’s a break down of what Bar Luca/BL Burgers will offer throughout next week. Note that the ingredients listed are based on the original specials as they appeared on the menu through 2016.

Monday 9th Jan
Burger: Views from the Schnitz
Ingredients: champagne brined crumbed chicken, shoestring fries, gravy, maple bacon, liquid cheese, lettuce, maple aioli.

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Note: This one will only be available from Bar Luca Sydney (the original) seeing as BL Burger isn’t open on Mondays

Tuesday 10th Jan
Burger: Blame of Thrones
Ingredients: wagyu pattie, cheddar, house smoked duck bacon, sweet potato poutine, smoked maple aioli.

Blame of Thrones
Blame of Thrones

Note: Blame of Thrones will be available from Bar Luca Sydney and BL Burgers Darlinghurst, as the Bondi store is not open on Tuesdays.

Wednesday 11th Jan
Burger: Trump Tower
Ingredients: double 200g Beef Patties, Double Bacon, Quadruple American Cheese, Double Hash Browns, Redneck Mayo, Westmont Pickles, Onion Strings.

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Thursday 12th Jan
Burger: You’re Bacon Me Crazy
Ingredients: chargrilled pattie, double American cheese, streaky maple bacon, thick cut pan fried bacon, bacon & onion jam, pickles, whiskey maple bbq sauce, maple aioli.

You're Bacon Me Crazy
You’re Bacon Me Crazy

Friday 13th Jan
Burger: Don’t Be Jelly
Ingredients: beef pattie, double American cheese, maple bacon, shoestring fries, liquid cheese, crunchy peanut butter, red currant & caramelised onion jelly, maple aioli.

Don't Be Jelly
Don’t Be Jelly

Saturday 14th Jan
Burger: I’m in Love with the Coco
Ingredients: coconut crumbed chicken, pineapple coconut and rum jam, pickled Spanish onion, coral lettuce, coconut chilli sauce, aioli.

I'm in Love with the Coco
I’m in Love with the Coco

Sunday 15th Jan
Burger: 3rd Rock from the Bun
Ingredients: beef pattie, American cheese, Russian cheese, pickled onion rings, streaky maple bacon, tater tot moon rocks, fireball smokey BBQ sauce, star anise aioli, galaxy milk bun.

3rd Rock from the Bun
3rd Rock from the Bun

Bar Luca Sydney
52 Phillip St, Sydney

BL Burgers Darlinghurst
1/151 Oxford St, Darlinghurst

BL Burgers Bondi
71 Beach Rd, Bondi Beach

For full opening times at each venue head to their website HERE.

All images: BL Burgers