Bulla releases Fairy Bread, Cookies & Cream, and Cookie Crumble flavoured ice cream

Bulla Dairy Foods have gone and revisited a childhood classic for their new range of ice cream, resurrecting the genius creation known as Fairy Bread for the lead-flavour in the new collection, Fairy Bread Ice Cream. The Aussie brand have swapped out triangles of sliced bread for vanilla-flavoured ice cream dipped in creamy white chocolate coating and smothered in rainbow sprinkles, sitting this alongside two other new flavours, Cookies & Cream and Cookie Crumble, as the new ice cream stick range.

Cookies & Cream will come as cookie-flavoured ice cream dipped in white chocolate coating and covered with chocolate cookie pieces, while the Cookie Crumble will have strawberry and chocolate-flavoured ice creams available in a variety pack, both dipped in chocolate coating and covered with biscuit pieces.

The release follows the recent successful launch of Bulla’s Lamington, Coconut Ice, and 100s & 1000s products.

Bulla’s new range comes in packs of six and is available nationally at select Coles, Woolworths, and independent supermarkets.