An Airbnb-like service for food catering has launched in Australia

Yep crowd sourcing start-ups aren’t going anywhere anytime soon as people are heavily influenced by the innovative model of services like Airbnb. It’s led to some creative ideas in the past, and Melbourne-based start up CaterNow seems to be no exception, allowing users both corporate and consumer to easily find local caterers without having to fork out bucketloads to the big guys.

Building up a steady base of caterers, restaurants, food trucks and chefs across some of Australia’s major cities, founder Divyesh Amipara seeks to build the distinctive service up as a way to “disrupt” the regular patterns of the often overpriced catering industry and provide people with a solution when they run into the issue of not having found a reliable caterer for their event/party/etc.

“Last year I was looking for a vegetarian caterer for my daughter’s birthday party but after searching the internet for hours I couldn’t find anything suitable”, explained Amipara. “I realised that people may find it difficult to get quality local caterers and after speaking to a few people about their own experiences I realised there was a gap in the market”.

It’s all fairly straight forward. For example, if you type in a Western Sydney postcode the likes of Sundweesh (awesome Middle Eastern and Asian inspired sandwich-like rolls) and Cocktail Cupcake Bar show up with their respective minimum spend, delivery charge, availability and other pertinent information. You can also search by cuisine, dietary requirements and type of event.

Then it works pretty much how you’d expect a reliable food delivery service to work, providing the user with fast and easy access to whatever independent caterer they want for their event.

The service is currently running in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Geelong with plans to expand to more cities across the country and eventually to New Zealand.

Pretty neat, right? If this sounds like a service you need you can check out the whole thing HERE.

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