Abseil for Youth: abseil down 33 storeys face first for charity this October in Sydney’s CBD

Fundraising for a great cause has reached dizzying new heights (pun fully intended) with a hoard of thrill seeking good samaritans set to abseil down the 33 level office building at 1 Market Street in Sydney’s CBD this October in a bid to raise funds for Sir David Martin Foundation.

In a record breaking attempt over 400 folks with dare devil like tendencies will descend 33 storeys (or 135 metres) face first over a period of three days between 20th and 22nd October, they are hoping to have more than 30 people abseil face first over the course of the event to set a Guinness World Record. The challenge forms part of the 7th annual Investa Abseil for Youth Program with money raised going to Mission Australia’s Triple Care Farm.


Triple Care Farm assists youth aged between 16-24 experiencing substance abuse and mental illness by providing a peaceful, tranquil setting on a 100 acres of rural farmland in the NSW Southern Highlands, where residents can focus on healing and rehabilitation. It’s one of the few organisations in Australia to combine drug and alcohol treatment with mental health services, education, training and life-skills programs. Part of the funding will also go towards a new detox centre, David Martin Place, to be built in 2017.

Jude Bolton

The annual event is paramount to enabling greater quality of life for impacted youth, as General Manager of Sir David Martin Foundation Alex Green emphasised: “The Abseil for Youth program is the key fundraising event for the foundation. Ice is now the primary drug of concern for young people attending Triple Care Farm, there has never been a more pressing time for the community to come together and stand against this epidemic.”


Sir David Martin Foundation collaborates with Australian experiential company Adventure Out to conduct programs with the highest regard for safety and the environment bringing together hundreds of people each year who are passionate about experiencing life to the fullest.

To kick off the challenge a launch event was held last Friday, speaking first hand, take it from this writer: the abseil is a terrifying yet utterly worthwhile experience, key tips should you choose to make the descent:

  • Activewear is key, silly outfits are also welcome as long as they pass safety muster.
  • Resist the urge to look over the railing on the rooftop, it really doesn’t help, there’s no need to scout out your impending journey, you’ll be there soon enough.
  • Listen to your instructor and trust they’re looking out for you when they say ‘release your death grip! Unclench your hands dammit!’
  • There will be a moment of sheer life re-assessment for most going vertical-to-horizontal; push past it and you shall be rewarded with a great sense of achievement, a buzz from doing something good for someone else and a massive rush of adrenaline.
  • Most of all enjoy the moment! Take your time and savour it because it’s not every day you’ll get an opportunity like this!

Punters interested in supporting the foundation can take part in Investa Abseil for Youth 2016 by registering as an individual with a fundraising donation of $200 or as part of a team. Visit HERE for more details.