A giant Arnott’s Shapes box has popped up in Circular Quay (Sydney)

Arnott’s Shapes are still very much top of the line as far as Aussie snacks go, which should come to no surprise seeing as 230,000 packs of the things are consumed every day across the country (compare that with 100,000 packs of Jatz, and 43,000 packs of Vita-Weat). In a response to the strong-as-ever popularity of Shapes, Arnott’s will today be launching a new campaign (#whatacracker) in Sydney by turning a section of the Overseas Passenger Terminal into a free-entry life-size Shapes box, popped up for today and tomorrow only.

It’ll be a pick ‘n’ mix of a different kind here. As visitors entering the box will be able to create their own personalised selection of Arnott’s shapes from the full range of flavours, to take away in a limited edition bowl. The box will be open from 10am to 6pm today, and 10am to 6pm tomorrow.

During the campaign, Arnott’s will be giving away a year’s supply (52 family sized boxes) of any Shapes flavour to ten of the most creative people who share “how they enjoy Arnott’s Shapes” on the official Facebook page (you’ll probably need to use the hashtag #whatacracker, by the way).