New York’s iconic Katz’s Delicatessen to start shipping worldwide

What has been one of the most quintessential New York eats for a very, very long time has finally announced plans to start shipping their famous food, like their perfect pastrami, worldwide. What’s more is that us down here in Australia could be on the mailing list in the near future.

As reported by NY Blueprint, world renowned Katz’s Delicatessen has taken a big step forward thanks to current owner Jake Dell with an expanded operation that will see their delivery service go from national to global thanks to a soon-to-be-opened 30,000 square-foot shipping facility in New Jersey.

The shipping facility will be opening sometime within the next year, allowing Katz’s sufficient operations to ship their perishable delicacies across the world, a list which includes their perfectly cured corned beef and pastrami.

“I can’t necessarily replicate the entire experience for you, where you are at home. But I can give you the food,” Dell told CBS in a recent interview. And while “Canada seems to be the easiest first step” for Katz’s, NY Blueprint also report that Dell is expecting to ship to the UK, Australia and South America in due time.