Kit Kat sushi will be sold from pop-ups in Tokyo this February (Japan)

Last year Kit Kat Japan broke naive hearts across Japan as they announced that their “Kit Kat Sushi” concept was indeed an April Fool’s Day joke. But now it seems what started as a fun (evil) way to mess with their customers has now turned into a reality as website Tokyo Bargain Mania are reporting that between the dates of Feb 2nd and Feb 4th, various Kit Kat specialty shops will be popping up around the capital city including at Ginza and various other department stores and underground shopping areas. And yep, the pop-ups will be offering limited edition Kit Kat sushi.

Three different flavours will be offered to anyone lucky enough to stroll by these pop ups: Maguro (tuna) will be raspberry flavoured Kit Kat bars on crispy puffed rice and white chocolate. Tamago (egg) will be pumpkin pudding flavoured Kit Kat bars (wtf) served on white chocolate and puffed rice, wrapped in seaweed. And Uni (sea urchin) will have Hokkaido melon and marscarpone cheese flavoured Kit Kat bars wrapped in seaweed.

According to Kotaku, the Kit Kat sushi set will be available for around 3,000 yen (around $35 AUD) in each pop-up, with the only confirmed location being at the Ginza shop (location HERE)

Source: Kotaku
Image: Tokyo Bargain Mania