KFC have created a scented candle that smells like fried chicken for some reason

“Why not make it smell like Fried Chicken”. No they are not the famous last words from KFC founder Colonel Harland David Sanders, but the reasoning behind a very odd product, spoken by CMO Kevin Hochman. It’s what he told Business Insider when approached about the very curious release of (extra crispy) fried chicken scented suntan lotion earlier this year, one of two limited edition products released by the fast food behemoth in 2016.

The other product, well that’s just a brand new KFC candle scented with, yep, fried chicken. You can actually fill your home with the smell of fried chicken now, if that’s your thing.

“What better way to light up your nights than with a limited edition KFC Scented Candle?” asks KFC New Zealand, who posted a picture of the product on social meida with a giveaway as part of a Christmas advent calendar campaign. Sadly the promotion ended on December 5th after running across KFC’s social media channels for a few days, where the post received a collective response in excess of 15,000 comments.

The competition tasked entrants to suggest some new products KFC should start making because apparently you can KFC anything. The winning entry came from Shiz Irani, who suggested that the chicken chain start producing postage stamps “because the Colonel always delivers” (incorrect but hey, she has a chicken candle and I don’t).

In all honesty though, it’s a very effective decision coming out a country that’s becoming increasingly known for creativity and humour. Perhaps this will set of a chain (git it?) reaction of fast food chains creating products which shouldn’t make sense, but do.